12 South Tyneside beer gardens to visit for a pint as borough celebrates International Beer Day

Planning on starting your weekend in style with a Friday evening trip to the pub?

Since it’s the summer holidays AND International Beer Day, we’re marking the occasion with a round-up of some South Tyneside pub gardens and outdoor spaces for you to visit.

We may not always be able to rely on the weather, even in August, but we CAN rely on the borough’s bars and pubs to provide a great choice of drinks and a good time with loved ones.

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So let’s take a closer look at the origins of the beer celebration day and some of the places you can visit in South Tyneside this weekend, as chosen by the Gazette readers.

Gazette readers have been shouting out their favourite outdoor spaces and pub gardens.

What is International Beer Day?

First marked in 2008, International Beer Day is recognised every year on the first Friday in August – the perfect day of the week to enjoy a pint of the good stuff.

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It’s a global day of celebration for bars, breweries and pubs alike with lovers of the drink encouraged to raise a glass and toast their favourite tipple.

Organisers say the event is celebrated in more than 200 cities across the world.

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Where can I visit a pub garden in South Tyneside?

There are plenty of top notch bars and pubs across South Tyneside to visit for that all-important after-work pint.

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Since there’s no better recommendation than that of a loyal customer, we turned to the Shields Gazette’s readers to shout out their favourite sunshine spots for a cold one.

Here are some of their suggestions from the Gazette’s Facebook page:

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Albion Gin & Ale House, Walter Street, Jarrow

Alum Ale House, Ferry Street

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Blacks Corner, St Bedes, East Boldon

The Chameleon Late Lounge at The Maltings, Claypath Lane

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Clover & Wolf, Brigham Place

Garden Lane, Garden Lane

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The Lakeside Inn, East Fellgate Farm

The Lord Nelson, Monkton Lane

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The New Cyprus Hotel, Chichester Road

The Sand Dancer, Sea Road

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The Sportsy, Hebburn Sports Club

The Trimmers Arms, Commercial Road

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What makes the perfect pint?

Let’s look at what goes into pouring the perfect beer.

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Hold your glass at a 45-degree angle, just below the tap – make sure it doesn’t touch!

Open the tap quickly and swiftly, filling the glass halfway.

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Slowly bring the glass to an upright position to give your pint the perfect head.