18 of your favourite food and drink treats from childhood

We all have fond memories of childhood snacks that make us smile.

By Debra Fox
Friday, 26th March 2021, 9:26 am

For me, it was a Curly Wurly or Milkybar on the walk home from school – what was yours?

We asked our readers to take their own trips down memory lane and share their favourite food treat from younger days. And what a response we got!

You have been sharing memories of your favourite treats.

Dozens of people got in touch across our social media pages to share their foodie favourites.

From a portion of chips to a weekend ice cream cornet, here are some of your most popular suggestions.

See if we included yours:

Banana sandwiches: According to many of you, they had to be on white bread!

Butterscotch Angel Delight: Is it us, or was Angel Delight not as nice once you were an adult?

Chippy tea: Lots of shout outs for chips with batter, fish and chips, sausage and chips or a chip butty!

Choc ice: Grabbing one from the freezer when the ice cream man came around ...

Condensed milk: On cereal, on fruit, to dip bread in or straight from the tin – you did it all!

Custard slice or custard tart: Nothing beat a trip to the bakery for one of these!

Dandelion and Burdock pop: To wash down your snack of choice.

Findus Crispy Pancakes: A childhood favourite, but which flavour did you go for?

Home-made soup with crusty bread and/or dumplings: A hug in a bowl made by your mam or nana.

Lemonade with a scoop of ice cream in: The perfect combination of creamy and fizzy!

Lion's Midget Gems: A quarter of midget gems, please!

Mr Whippy ice cream with monkey's blood: Don’t forget the flake.

Rice pudding: Hands up if you still make yours on a Sunday.

Rhubarb dipped in sugar: Straight from the garden and into the sugar bag!

Sugar sandwiches or bread, butter and sugar: Another white-bread only request.

Syrup sponge with custard: The perfect afters on a cold winter’s night (or even in the summer, let’s be honest).

Treacle tart with custard: It took ages to come off your teeth but it was well worth it, really.

Willicks (periwinkles): Though a few of you suggested this, you did add that you couldn’t stomach it now!

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