Blacks Corner deli to help area's most vulnerable with food deliveries during Covid-19 crisis

A popular East Boldon deli is using its steady supply of produce to help the vulnerable during the Covid-19 crisis.

Blacks Corner deli in St John’s Terrace, a sister site to the nearby restaurant in St Bedes, has launched an initiative to help those struggling to get essentials in light of the Coronavirus crisis.

With panic buying affecting the supply chains at many supermarkets, people have been left without essentials such as bread, milk, eggs and preserves.

To help plug the gap, the deli, which has a good supply chain with its local farmers, is launching a community out reach programme to help people who are disadvantaged or within a high risk group and are in isolation.

The deli also does hamper deliveries

People can donate online to a specially set-up fund which was kick-started with a donation of £1,000 by author L J Ross, who is such a fan of Blacks Corner that it even features in her hugely-successful DCI Ryan series.

Jonathan Dryden, who owns the South Tyneside businesses with Chris Lowden, said: “L J Ross gave us the money and asked for it to be spent delivering food to people who need it at this time and it gave us the idea to kick start a proper fund and re-purpose the deli as a sort of food bank for people in need.

“We have a lot of older people in the East Boldon community and the surrounding areas and they’re struggling to get what they need from the supermarkets.”

People’s donations will be spend on bags of shopping from Blacks Corner Deli whose staff will do the deliveries daily to those most in need.

Blacks Corner Deli and Bakehouse will be delivering food parcels to those in need. Pictured here is deli manager John Craig with staff Nathan Bell and Joe Miller

As well as the community, the fund will also benefit the deli staff and the farmers it works so closely with.

Jonny added: “This programme will also benefit the amazing British farmers and small batch producers that we work with, whilst allowing us to support our team and small family business.

“We have already received some incredible contributions and want to thank people for their continued kindness and support.”

You can make your donations to the fund at

Fresh bread will feature in the shopping bags
Fresh Cotswolds eggs display at the new Blacks Corner Deli and Bakehouse on St Johns Terrace, East Boldon