English house prices: how the cost of property has changed where you live

Here's how property prices have changed year-on-year in England (Photo: Shutterstock)
Here's how property prices have changed year-on-year in England (Photo: Shutterstock)

The average price of a house in England rose to £243,582 in December 2017 - an annual increase of 5.03 per cent.

Recent data indicates a monthly jump of 0.4 per cent between November and December last year.

Year-on-year, the highest rise in cost was seen in Cambridge, where the average home cost 15.7 per cent more in December 2017 than the previous year.

Average sale prices also rose significantly in Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham.

City of London recorded the biggest price decrease at -5.3 per cent.

(Graphic: ONS)

In December 2017, the most expensive place to live in England was Kensington and Chelsea in London, where the cost of an average house came to £1.2 million.


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On the opposite end of the scale, Burnley was the cheapest area in which to purchase property. At the time, a house there cost an average of £78,000.

Semi-detached properties averaged at around £226,034 in December 2017, and proved to be the most popular among house hunters, increasing by around 5.7 per cent in price year-on-year.

House prices and increases by city:


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Birmingham: £178,221 / 7.40%Bradford: £133,373 / 0.90%Brighton and Hove: £361,075 / 5.60%Bristol: £275,193 / 6.10%Cambridge: £462,033 / 15.70%Carlisle: £137,492 / 5.70%Leeds: £178,735 / 6.10%Leicester: £162,386 / 6.30%Liverpool: £130,677 / 9.50%London: £768,751 / -5.30%Manchester: £173,381 / 10.90%Newcastle upon Tyne: £161,313 / 1.30%Norwich: £197,798 / 3.10%Portsmouth: £204,870 / 4.70%Preston: £128,447 / 3.50%Salford: £155,325 / 6.00%Sheffield: £156,746 / 5.00%Sunderland: £115,151 / 2.60%Wakefield: £143,456 / 3.10%York: £242,125 / 1.40%

The UK House Price Index (UK HPI) is calculated by the Office for National Statistics and Land & Property Services Northern Ireland.

Full data is available via the ONS.