For sale in South Shields: Chance to own a successful hotel with stunning views on the market for £490k

Take a look inside this stunning hotel/guest house that is up for sale for £489,999 in South Shields that has stunning views and boasts 13 rooms

If you’re looking for a new business venture in South Shields then look no further as this stunning guest house/hotel with great views is on the market for £489,999.

The property boasts 13 rooms with bookings running into the following years and, according to Zoopla, has a high amount of regular and repeat trade.

It is situated in the coastal town of South Shields and is a successful hotel, with many people staying for the fantastic views surely a factor in their success.

The hotel/guest house is available to view on Zoopla, through the estate agent Meridian Business.

Price: £489,999

Location: Ocean Road, South Shields

Estate Agent: Meridian Business

Number: 01204 911870

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