Get your boiler ready with these top tips from J Shipley & Co Heating

Do you really want to risk the cold this winter after the fallout from the Beast from the East earlier this year?
J Shipley heating engineer fixing boilerJ Shipley heating engineer fixing boiler
J Shipley heating engineer fixing boiler

Everybody imagines their home being warm and snug in the build-up to Christmas, but they never think of the things they should do to make it happen.

Earlier in the year, due to the adverse weather, many people faced frozen pipes, boiler breakdowns and homes not heating up as well as they should.

Man servicing boilerMan servicing boiler
Man servicing boiler

We’ve spoken to J Shipley & Co Heating based out of South Shields for their top tips to keep cosy this winter.

1. Always service your boiler annually

Firstly, the company recommends servicing your boiler every year. It makes sure it is in good working order and limits the wear over time. Sometimes, a yearly service is also part of keeping the warranty valid. It’s also worth checking your home insurance as failing to do so may also invalidate it.

2. Service when you move house

If you move into a new home it’s best to find out when the boiler was last serviced and see what condition its in. If the previous owner has no information get it checked right away to find any unwanted problems sooner rather than later.

3. Try and service in the summer months

Booking in a service during the summer months means it’s ready for winter. Who wants to have their boiler break down when they need it most? Engineers are more likely to be busier during the colder periods making it more difficult to arrange service and repairs.

4. If your boiler isn’t performing effectively consider getting it looked at

Sometimes it may be that even after its annual service, your boiler may not be performing as effectively as it should. Get it back to working condition as soon as possible, as a problematic boiler may be costing you more money in the long run.

Even if your boiler is working efficiently - don’t wait until you have a problem.

These can build up over time and waiting until your boiler breaks down completely can mean higher repair costs.

Get your boiler serviced today by J Shipley & Co Heating, with packages starting from as little as £6.50 per month offering cover 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You also receive priority call out and preferential rates for parts. These prices are frozen for the next five years so don’t miss out on this great opportunity to save money.

To find out more visit the J Shipley & Co Heating website or telephone 0191 455 2138 to book an appointment.

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