How to buy a car in South Tyneside in lockdown

Bad credit shouldn’t stop you from buying a car online during lockdown, with the help of Refused Car Finance

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Friday, 26th February 2021, 9:00 am
By using a car finance broker such as Refused Car Finance, you can apply online and will be assigned to a car finance expert

Before lockdown, buying a car online was an option for many motorists but the uptake was slow.

In 2019, only 27% of consumers said they would by a car online without viewing it but with limited choice in the matter in the third national lockdown in the UK, how many people would buy a car during lockdown?

Refused Car Finance are a leading sub-prime car finance broker based in Killingworth who help people with bad credit get approved for car finance. The automotive finance broker has seen an uptake in car finance applications despite the current national restrictions.

Now, in the nation's third lockdown, Refused Car Finance have reported that approval ratings for their customers have doubled, meaning their customers are twice as likely to get approved for car finance than in the first lockdown back in March 2020.

During the first national lockdown, there was a great deal of uncertainty for many and the car finance industry took a big hit. With drivers reluctant to take up a new finance deal instead applying for a payment holiday on their current finance deal, and finance lenders not operating at all or less likely to loan money out, the car finance industry came to a halt.

However, Refused Car Finance used this time of uncertainty to make it easier for people with bad credit to get approved for car finance during future lockdowns.

Refused Car Finance have invested in improving their company website and infrastructure to streamline and upgrade their approval process. This, coupled with more finance lenders rejoining the market and offering more of their finance packages, has allowed the bad credit car finance specialist broker to help more people get into a car despite national restrictions.

How do you buy a car during lockdown?

By using a car finance broker such as Refused Car Finance, you can apply online and will be assigned to a car finance expert who works on your behalf to search the market for the most suitable finance packages available to you. With a wide range of lenders, each with a multitude of finance offerings, brokers often have the opportunity to find the best deal in minutes.

Once you’re approved, you can proceed by agreeing to the terms of your car finance agreement with flexible payment terms and fixed monthly payments through a e-sign facility that the lenders will provide, make the process quick, easy and, most importantly, safe.

Once your finance is in place, your car finance expert will help you get the car you want from a huge range of trusted FCA approved dealership across the UK.

During the third lockdown, car dealers were told to close to the public so you can’t currently go and shop for a car in a showroom, but you can view cars online and request videos and additional photos if needs be.

In line with government guidelines, dealerships can offer click and collect or delivery services across the North East.

Car dealers have invested heavily in training and cleaning equipment to ensure that all vehicles are clean and compliant.

Click and collect and delivery should follow all social distancing regulations.

As the dealerships migrate to digital selling and you become unable to visit the premises, you may be concerned about the security of buying a vehicle online. The Consumer Contracts Regulations Act set up by the Government in 2013 outlines the rules and regulations of distance selling which includes that of cars.

One of the main perks of this act is it gives you the right to use the car for 14 days (sometimes with a mileage limit) before cancelling the agreement.

Apply for finance with Refused Car Finance today or call them on 0191 718 0000.