Love Your Pet Day: Here's 50 of your best pictures - including one or two surprises

February 20 is national Love Your Pet Day – the day every year when owners are encouraged to spoil their pets even more than usual, and show them how much they mean to their families.

Pets are often our best friends
Pets are often our best friends

We know how much our readers love their pets every day of the year, and asked on our Facebook page for them to share your favourites. Thanks to the hundreds of people who sent them in - so many we couldn't use them all. Here's 50 of our favourites.

Lottie is a five-month-old cockapoo who loves nothing better than taking it easy on her own cushion. Thanks to Rachel Watson for sending it in.
Why do cats like a box so much? We don't know this one's name, but thanks to Sarah Emma Spooner for sending it in.
Great minds think alike, here's my cat Lily, says Carole Mather.
Ma wee Bertie, from Shona Stonely.
Meet Bronson, my seven-year-old Shar Pei Pit. "My life saver," says Jacqline Bulmer.
"This is my black cat, Spooky," says Jessie Butterfield. Isn't he gorgeous?
Bertie the chihuahua doesn't like anybody, but she loves Bailey, says owner Symonie Minnestronie.
"My beautiful Charlie is my best four-legged friend," says Eileen Hogg. "He never leaves my side."
"My furbabies love cuddles and love to get up to mischief but I could not imagine my life without them," says Stacey Adamson.
"Our special boy Bean the bunny. He was the smallest of a litter of five and didn't feed, so we hand-fed him milk. He is now a lively, but loving 10-month-old," says April Place.
Toni Black sent us this snap of Buddy, her three-year-old whippet. "He has no common sense, a hatred of the window cleaner, and endless patience with my 2 children. Can't imagine our home without him!"
Kelly Webster sent us this picture of the dogs she calls "my two babies". Meet Shadow the lab and Cassie the Patterdale.
Gosha Henry sent us this picture of nine-year-old Daisy, saying: "We love her to bits!"
This is Tilly, a springer-lab cross who is as crazy as they come, says owner Jacqueline Boyes.
Laura Peverley sent us this snap of Max, her British bulldog.
Archie the Border Terrier in his favourite spot, from Sara Horsley.
Mandy Pattison sent us this picture of Zeus and Zelda, her chinchilla Persians.
Marnie the puglet, from Paul Pemberton.
From Michelle Dupear.
Max, aged nine, from Rachel Jane Crowder.
What a lovely pair. From Stacey Cosgrove
"This is our Rosie," says Vic Glover.
"Our beautiful girl Poppy. Love her to bits," says Samantha Agar.
Woody the dachshund, from Michelle Poole.
Lyndsey Anne Cooper shared this lovely snap of her two shih tzus, Coco and Poppy.
What a great cat! Here's Peppa, courtesy of Louise McDowell.
Here's Hannah, aged five, with Rosie the cornsnake. Thanks to Steph Roberts for sharing it with us.
Pam Johnson sent us this picture of daughter Tia with her lovely dog Ollie.
Jasmine is poorly with chicken pox so shes been watching movies with Poppy. Thanks to Kelly Ahmed for sharing this with us.
Meet Roger. He likes to kill other animals in his spare time, says owner Paul Noble.
Jon Burnikell sent us this snap of Rosie the black lab chilling to her favourite tunes.
"I have too many to choose a favourite but Pebbles the climbing Pygmy goat is up there at the top," says Andi Smith.
"Comfy Parker feeling better after just costing us a fortune for an overnight stay at the out-of-hours vet," says Nicola Lowrey.
"Toby, my best friend. We love our walks together in Hawthorn Dene," says Sharon Leighton.
"My Ella. I adopted her four years ago, but it was the best thing I ever did," says Deb Graham.
This is two-year-old Marshall, who looks like he loves having his picture taken. Thanks to owner Laura Storey for sharing this one with us.
Ozzie the Cocker Spaniel loves to pose for the camera, says owner Jessica Robson.
"My little Narla," from Lauren Scott.
How comfortable do they look? From Sammy Wallace.
From Samantha Chambers
"Reggie, our little pygmy hedgehog," from Steph Roberts.
Dexter, aged 12 weeks, from Louise Seales.
From Lynsey Sweeney.
Our first rodent, from Diane Fox.
And another one, from Tammy Jo Manczak.
What a cutie! Leigh Baird sent us this snap of Rubble, her shih tzu-Yorkie cross.
Cleo the collie, from Beth Kiely.
Rubee with her baby donkey, from Liz Anderson.
"My fur baby Oscar and his friend Lola," from Sue Murdoch.
Last, but not least, meet Cookie, who's one smart cat. Courtesy of Debbie Gibbon.