May Bank Holiday benefits payments: when Universal Credit, Child Benefit and Working Tax Credits will be paid

Workers can look forward to two additional days of paid leave this month, as two bank holidays are set to fall in May

Monday, 4th May 2020, 1:19 pm
Updated Friday, 8th May 2020, 9:29 am

This year, the government has moved the early May bank holiday from Monday 4 to Friday 8, to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

The move means that millions of benefits claimants will see their payment dates vary to work around the holiday.

When will benefits payments be made?

Benefits payments will be paid earlier this May bank holiday

Households expecting child or working tax credit benefits to be paid on Friday 8 May will instead receive them a day earlier, on Thursday 7 May.

Additionally, those who are expecting benefit payments to arrive in their accounts on Monday 25 May will instead be paid on the last working day before the bank holiday.

This means tax credits will be paid on Friday 22 May.

This also applies to Universal Credit payments, which are usually paid on the same day every month.

If you normally receive your payment on the 8th or 25th of the month, you should also get your money early.

This means that payments that would normally arrive on 8 May will be transferred on 7 May, and payments that would normally arrive on 25 May will be paid on 22 May.

All other benefit payments, including Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), will also follow the same changes.

Will I still be paid the same amount?

Claimants will receive the same amount of benefits as normal, even though the payments will be made earlier.

The Department for Work and Pensions said claimants do not need to do anything to receive their payments early.

However, claimants can contact the relevant helpline to track their payments.

For Universal credit, call 0800 328 9344 and for tax credits, contact HMRC on 0345 300 3900.

What do I do if my payment is delayed?

If you do not receive your payment on time, you should double check the date on your award notice and contact your bank before getting in touch with HMRC.

What if I live in Scotland?

Payments may be delayed due to the dates of local holidays in different parts of the UK.

Your payment could be delayed if you live in the following areas:

- Glasgow and Aberdeen - local holiday on 28 September

- Edinburgh - local holiday on 21 September

- Dundee - local holiday on 5 October

For further information, contact your bank.

What are the payment dates for the rest of the year?

These are the bank holiday benefits payment dates for the rest of 2020:

8 May - payment due on 7 May

25 May - payment due on 22 May

13 July - payment due on 10 July (Northern Ireland only)

3 August - payment due on 31 July (Scotland only)

31 August - payment due on 28 August

25 December - payment due on 24 December

28 December - payment due on 24 December

29 December - payment due on 24 December (Northern Ireland only)

1 January 2021 - payment due on 31 December 2020

4 January 2021 - payment due on 31 December 2020 (Scotland only)

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