Over 10,000 South Tyne homes have no worker

More than 10,000 households in South Tyneside had no adults in work last year, new figures show.

By Patrick Jack
Thursday, 21st October 2021, 4:51 pm
Workless household figures
Workless household figures

Office for National Statistics (ONS) data shows there were 10,748 households in the area with no working-age people in employment – at 23.2%, that was down from 24.9% in 2019.

The data shows there were 22,570 households in the borough which had all working-age occupants in employment in 2020 – 48.7% of all homes in the area.

This was also down from 51.7% the year before.

Meanwhile, the proportion of mixed households – with at least one working and one workless adult – increased from 23.4% to 28.2% over this period.

The figures also show that there were 9,115 children living in households where no adult had a job last year​ – up from 7,825 in 2019.

Nationally, the number of households classed as ‘working’ in 2020 was 58.4% - down from 58.8% in 2019 and the first annual fall since 2011.

The Trades Union Congress said Universal Credit support for families who have lost work is not enough to meet basic costs and called for the recent cut to be reversed.

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady added: “The rise in unemployment could have been far worse. But millions of families were protected thanks to Government, business and unions working together to put in place furlough and other protections."

A Government spokesman said: “Universal Credit continues to deliver vital support for those both in and out of work and we have provided an additional £500m to help the most vulnerable with essential costs this winter.”