South Tyneside's £100m social care bill

More than £100m was spent on providing adult social care in South Tyneside last year, according to new figures.
Adult social care bills rise.Adult social care bills rise.
Adult social care bills rise.

NHS Digital figures show total expenditure on adult social care in the area was £101.1m in the year to March.

Of this, £18.1m was spent on council-run services, £82.2m on external care businesses, and a further £751,000 on grants to local charities to provide support.

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The majority of the funding (71%) went towards providing long-term care and patients paying for services themselves contributed £12m to the total.

Social care spending in England reached a record £22bn last year – with Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announcing a further £4.7bn in his Autumn Statement in a bid to speed up hospital discharge rates.

Nationally, almost two million new requests for care support were made last year – up from 1.9 million last year.

Of them, 14,470 were in South Tyneside – up from 12,955 in 2020-21.

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Health think tank, The Nuffield Trust says the increased spending to deal with the increasing demand falls short of what is required - given the inflationary pressures on councils and providers.

Natasha Curry, deputy director of policy at the think tank, said: "While spending on adult social care has risen for six years in a row, it followed steep cuts and has only just recovered to 2010 levels in real terms.

"The extra funding announced was welcome but is likely only to keep pace with inflationary pressures."

The Department for Health and Social Care said it has "prioritised" health and social care in the autumn statement" and is investing £15m to address workforce shortages.