Should you workout while on holiday?

The Summer holidays are coming to an end but this question keeps cropping up …

Wednesday, 28th August 2019, 3:00 pm
In Northern Ireland, Graham and Caroline woke up a little earlier and went for a peaceful early morning jog.

“Should I workout on holiday?”

It’s a question that divides opinion between fitness professionals.

Some trainers say that you shouldn’t workout on holiday to give your body and mind a chance to recover from your everyday routine.

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Others say you should workout to limit the damage of the extra calories that you’ll most likely consume on holiday.

I’ve just been away for two weeks, a week in Spain and a week in Ireland.

It was a well needed break because business has been very busy this year, especially over the summer.

I’ve been working hard to finish a couple of new projects that are starting next month, and I’ve been training hard for the last 12 weeks.

So, my mind and body were definitely ready for a break!

However, I did workout on holiday. Not at full intensity, but I did complete three workouts per week. Why?

Well, a number of reasons …

Exercise Is Relaxation In MotionLounging around a swimming pool can be very relaxing, but so can exercise.

When I focus on a workout it takes my mind off everything else. It helps me calm down and clears my mind.

It Improves Your MoodExercise releases endorphins in your body and endorphins make you happy.

And isn’t the whole point of a holiday to be happy?

Guilt Free EatingLike most people, I like to indulge on holiday! But, after the binge I feel like a pig, and the guilt sets in.

However, if I workout on a morning, it allows me to enjoy the extra calories without feeling guilty.

It’s A Chance For Extra Alone TimeSometimes you just need a bit of alone time! In Spain I was going out for a 20-30 minute jog while the rest of the family were waking up and having breakfast.

It’s a great way to get some alone time, without eating into valuable family time.

Or It Can Be A Fun Family ActivityExercise with family and friends can be fun!

Plan a family volley ball game, go for a hike or rent kayaks. No matter the activity, it’ll bring everyone closer together and get everyone’s heart rate up.

It’s A Great Way To SightseeIf you’re in a beautiful location with a lot to see, don’t spend valuable sightseeing time lying in until mid-day! Get up a bit earlier, run through a local park or on the beach and catch the sunrise.

It will make put a smile on your face and it will energise your day. In Northern Ireland, Caroline and I woke up a little earlier and went for a peaceful early morning jog around Castlewellan Lake, somewhere we probably wouldn’t have visited otherwise.

It Will Help You Sleep

It’s a fact, exercise can help you sleep better.

Holiday workouts will help you not only catch up on sleep, but get better quality sleep.

My advice: You should workout on holiday, but at lower intensity.

It will burn off some of the excess calories, limiting the damage, but at the same time it will give your body and mind a chance to recover.

So, next time you’re going on holiday, don’t forget to pack your workout gear!