Total Warrior challenge helps fitness club members step out of their comfort zone

I truly believe that the best results happen when you step outside of your comfort zone – especially when it concerns your fitness!
Members of the East Coast Fitness team crossing the finish line.Members of the East Coast Fitness team crossing the finish line.
Members of the East Coast Fitness team crossing the finish line.

That’s exactly what happened  when 15 East Coast Fitness members recently travelled to Leeds to take part in the muddy obstacle race, Total Warrior.

A lot of the group felt nervous and a bit scared about the event, despite my attempts to reassure them.

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They worried about the obstacles; Wondered if they'd be strong enough; Would they look silly if they couldn't complete an obstacle? Would they be too slow and hold people up? Would they even make it to the finish line?

It’s those kinds of negative thoughts that can hold people back and prevent them from achieving their dreams.

However, this group of Warriors didn’t let those negative thoughts get in the way. They had the courage and bravery to venture outside of their comfort zone and try something new.  As a result, what happened was amazing !

Every single one of them completed the obstacle course – with huge smiles on their faces! Some of the obstacles were very challenging but we worked as a team and tackled them all.

By stepping outside of their comfort zones, they:

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Had fun! As soon as the race started, nerves and fears disappeared to be replaced by smiles and laughter. 

Grew in confidence! When you achieve something that you once thought was impossible it gives you a massive boost in self-confidence. 

Huge sense of achievement! When you step outside of your comfort zone to tackle a task that scares you, you experience a huge sense of achievement when you complete it.

Strengthened friendships! Doing an event that requires team work really brings people closer together and strengthens their trust and friendship bond.

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To smash your fitness goals, in theory all you need to do is take the first step. Once you’ve done it you’ll grow in confidence, you’ll gain momentum and before you know you will achieve your target!

Here’s a few tips to help you get started …

Put yourself in a new environment: Make small changes to your routine. If you’ve been sitting on the couch for years, get out for a walk. If you’ve been walking, go for a jog. If you’re bored of running, try an obstacle race. If you’ve been going to the gym, try classes instead.

Make a snap decision: When presented with choices, make a quick decision. Don’t think about it too long. Just do it! Boot camp or gym? Weight Watchers or Slimming World? Don’t hesitate, pick one. Otherwise you’ll risk sitting on the fence and run the risk of doing neither. 

Don't pick the safe choice: Every time you’re presented with a choice, normally one is the safe/comfortable choice and one is risky/uncomfortable choice. The risky/uncomfortable one is the one that will teach you more about yourself and make you grow.

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Say yes more often: Say yes even when you don't think you're ready ... If someone asks you to do a spinning class or a boot camp, or an obstacle run, say yes – even when you haven’t done it before. It opens up new opportunities. Who knows, you might find yourself enjoying something you never get the chance to explore earlier.

Do what scares you: Is the thought of joining a boot camp scary? Then do it. Just go and do it. You only have to pluck up the courage once. Once you get there you’ll realise that it isn’t as scary as you first thought.

Allow others to decide for you: Let your friend decide what group you’re going to join or race  to run. If you were in charge you’d probably choose the safe option. So, catch hold of friends who are ‘riskier’ than you and let them make the plans.