Tips for taking your dog on holiday

Taking your dog on holiday does them good (photo: Adobe)Taking your dog on holiday does them good (photo: Adobe)
Taking your dog on holiday does them good (photo: Adobe)
Christmas wouldn’t be the same without our nearest and dearest – especially our dogs. And for those going away this festive season that means bringing the family pet along.

“Preparation is always the key to success when it comes to anything to do with dogs,” said dog behaviourist Rachael Claire.

“Make sure that you are fully equipped before travelling anywhere and have some solid training foundations to make the trip as smooth and enjoyable as possible.”

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Rachael has teamed up with Francesca Houldsworth, from holiday park operator, Verdant Leisure, to share tips to make your holiday easier:

Dogs need a holiday too (photo: Adobe)Dogs need a holiday too (photo: Adobe)
Dogs need a holiday too (photo: Adobe)

1 Find accommodation perfect for a pooch

“It’s as much a holiday for them as it is for you, so not only should the accommodation be welcoming, but it should cater to their needs,” said Francesca.

“Consider things such as the sleeping arrangements, easy access to food and health essentials, immediate outdoor space as well as toys and activities to keep them entertained.”

2 Choose a location with ample walking opportunities

“Take plenty of things for them to do with you so that you can enjoy some chill time to yourself,” said Rachael.

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"Enrichment feeding toys can by covered in their favourite food during mealtimes so that you can eat in peace.

"Stakes are also essential so that you can be sure that your dog can’t run off. Ensure that you attach a secure long line to a harness and never a collar to prevent choking.”

3 Find pet-friendly businesses in the area

“If you plan on taking your dog with you to public places such as the pub, spend some time teaching your dog to stay on a mat led down for increased durations,” said Rachael.

“Eventually as soon as the mat comes out your dog’s go-to reaction will be to go and lie on it. This means you can then roll your mat up and take it to the beach, pub or wherever you would like your dog to relax. “Remember to regularly give them a treat for being on the mat, otherwise they will just get up.”

4 Consider travel time

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“When picking your dog-friendly holiday location, take into consideration the time it will take to get there,” said Francesca.

"Dogs can get restless when in confined spaces for too long, such as a car.”

Rachael added: “Crate training your dog can be beneficial to give them a safe space when travelling.”

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