10 retro sweets we loved

On this day in 1953, sweet rationing ended in Britain.
What were your favourite childhood sweets?What were your favourite childhood sweets?
What were your favourite childhood sweets?

Put in place just after the start of the Second World War rationing remained for some time after the end of hostilities, with sweets not being freely available until this day 63 years ago.

Children across the UK immediately headed for their local sweet shop to snap up toffee apples, liquorice strips and sticks of nougat - items of confectionery relatively uncommon today.

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So to celebrate here’s 10 sweet treats to daydream about - some that aren't available any more, and others you simply forget existed ...

Soor plooms: These little beauties taste just like plums with a bit of a tang to them. They're sold loose and by the quarter pound - though they’re often far from loose, usually becoming stuck together in one massive pump at the bottom of the jar.

Old Jamaica: Getting kids into the delights of rum (and raisin) early, the Cadbury’s chocolate bar offered an exotic taste of the Caribbean.

Aztec Bars: The nougat and caramel bar from Cadbury’s was launched in 1967, but didn’t last. Perhaps it was too similar to the world-conquering Mars Bar?

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Marathon bars: Went global in 1990 as its UK name was changed to fall in line with its American cousin, the Snickers...

Wham Bar: We're still not quite sure what these tasted of - we just know we LOVED it.

Parma Violets: These hard tablet-like sweets are still popular, mysteriously managing to taste of a delicate purple flower ...

Fruit Salads and Black Jacks: These delicious fruit and licorice-flavoured chewies are till available! Rejoice!

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Dip Dabs: Sherbet is an ever-popular favourite, but pair it with a tasty lollipop and you're onto a winner!

Flying saucers: A taste sensation, some might say, the rice paper UFO filled with sherbet was named the most popular sweet of all time in a 2004 poll. Agree?

Pear drops: Remarkably tasting of the fruit they were named after, there was something special about a good old pear drop (until it cut the roof of your mouth).

Tell us? What are your favourite sweets?