13 things you said about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn attending Durham Miners' Gala

Jeremy Corbyn became the first Labour leader in four years to attend the Durham Miners' Gala.

Sunday, 10th July 2016, 10:57 am
Updated Sunday, 10th July 2016, 12:01 pm
Jeremy Corbyn at the Durham Miners' Gala.

He was the first since Ed Miliband in 2012 to address the gathering. Here's what you had to say about the bealeaguered MP's appearance:

Mike Tansey: "What a leader! What a speech. Those who say he is not strong enough should perhaps think about what he's all about. He's challenged Blair and his warmongering, he's challenged Blairites, he's challenged unfair policies and achieved Tory U-turns, he's challenged the entire establishment and almost the entire media and he still stands strong. Stands for everybody in society, not merely the privileged few."

Sarah Robson: "And that is exactly why he is disliked Mike Tansey because he doesn't stand for just the few and wholeheartedly believes in social justice for all."

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Julie Bell: "Corbyn always speaks up for working class people. He's against austerity, cuts to working tax credits, cuts for disabled people, against zero hours contracts etc - all working class issues."

Michael Barker: "All these people complaining saying 'he's a danger' and a 'traitor' but no-one giving anything constructive i.e. who they think should be in charge. So far he has a better track record than this Conservative government and Tony Blair."

David Potts: "He has a romantic vision, not dissimilar to John Lennon. It's lovely. But it is out of touch with the world we live in. The majority of his followers are old. I'm not ageist. But I'm not naive to understand why the older like him. He is a retro vision of what a leader could have been like. But this time has passed."

Tom Woodward: "I want a leader who believes in helping the poor, a leader who believes in equality. Why should we spend billions on a weapon we will never use unless it's in revenge, and if we ever did have to use it we would all end up dead anyway? The money wasted on nuclear weapons could be used to bolster and modernise our conventional forces, and there would be money left over for the NHS ,or things like house building, mental and social care - all things that are at rock bottom in this country. That's why I want Corbyn as leader not some warmongering politician."

Jo Lawrence: "The majority of his followers are actually young people who finally see some hope in a man that has moral values and represents the real people in this country rather than the elite."

Kay Smith: "With everything going on with post Britex the Labour party shouldn't be fighting amongst themselves, they should be united and supporting the people through the changes they voted for."

Nathan Armstrong: "Corbyn is a hero. A lot of hatred but no one can back it up #sunreaders."

Adam Irving: "Corbyn the true Labour leader."

Tom Cuthbertson: "Labour needs to get rid of Corbyn if they want to move forward, or I can see the Conservatives in power for a very long time."

David Owen: "A genuine danger to this country, that bloke. He's a hippy in a suit. If he had his way our army would be armed with flowers."

Rachel Elizabeth Marshall: "Team Corbyn all the way! Don't need the Red Tories!"