15 things you said about a proposed 5p coffee cup tax

A 5p-a-cup tax has been suggested for takeaway hot drinks containers.A 5p-a-cup tax has been suggested for takeaway hot drinks containers.
A 5p-a-cup tax has been suggested for takeaway hot drinks containers.
A storm in a teacup has been sparked by a proposal to charge an extra 5p for a brew in a takeaway container.

The Lib Dems say two billion fewer coffee cups would be used each year if people used their own instead of disposable ones.

They say throwaway cups, which can't be recycled, are a threat to wildlife and the environment, and want to see a 5p per cup charge, similar to the carrier bag 'tax'.

Here's what readers had to say about the idea:

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Ema-Lou Walker: "And the government thinks we don't already pay for the cup in the price of our coffee? Why not make all companies use cups that can be recycled?"

Elsie Doyle: "You can take your own bags for shopping but I cannot see people carrying a cup or mug around with them for coffee. What is next?"

Alani Hunt: "Carrier bags are easy to carry around in your handbag. But a coffee mug?!?"

Tracy Halliday: "Price of the cup is already costed into the price of the drink. Why don't they sort out something important like the NHS and education?"

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Diane Pearce: "Your shopping can be put into your handbag, you can't pour coffee in your bag!! Are we meant to carry a mug around with us? Stupid idea!"

Sarah Donnell: "What are you meant to do, carry a cup just in case you fancy a cup of tea?"

Michael Gormley: "We have the coffee, we have the sugar, but if you want the cup ... it's like a Little Britain sketch!"

Stu Garlinge: "They ask if you wish to buy a carrier bag, you can say no. If they ask would you like a cup and you say 'no' what they going to do, pour it in your pocket?"

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Nicholas Perry: "So what are you supposed to do, take a flask out everywhere in the bottom of your bag for life? They will want to charge for oxygen next!"

Waldo Jeffers: "Yes, they should, as long as the money goes to help clean up the mess these things cause."

Wayne Scott: "This will Costa fortune..."

Nick Auty: "It's getting beyond stupid. Let's just tax the life out of anything that isn't made of rainbows and sunshine!"

Denise Sparrowhawk: "The coating on the cups is not recyclable in this country. But takeaway coffee costs more than enough to cover the charge for the cup I think!"

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Phillip Smart: "I'm sure someone paying £2.50 for a coffee isn't going to mind if it costs £2.55 instead."

Shane Howe: "I knew after the 5p bag thing it would lead to other things, it'll end up being an extra 5p for everything, ridiculous."

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