16 things Black Cats fans said about Jermain Defoe's contract extension

The news that SAFC's Player of the Year has extended his contract by 12 months was revealed yesterday.
Jermain Defoe has signed a 12 month contract extension.Jermain Defoe has signed a 12 month contract extension.
Jermain Defoe has signed a 12 month contract extension.

And fans of Jermain Defoe were certainly delighted!

Hailed by manager Sam Allardyce as one of the "greatest goal-scorers in Premier League history", Defoe netted 15 goals for his side last season.

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Here are some of your best comments from social media about the footballer's plans.

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Keith Mullen: "This is the same Jermain Defoe that they were trying to ship out in November and December to get him off the wage bill?

"He's been a great signing and I hope Big Sam has got the message to Mr Short that cheap gets you that ... he should be in the England team and as well as keeping himself in shape is a great role model."

David James: "For me it's between Defoe for his goal scoring and front line skills or Cattermole who plays his heart out every game for the team. I'm going for Cattermole because his temperament has improved and he will still take a hit for the team if he has to."

Ian Fraser: "All these 2019 and 2020 contracts shows this club is going to be one of the most stable in the league in a few years. Let's hope Big Sam stays to the end to keep the club stable."

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Barry Marshall: "Great news. Shows a desire for some stability and ambition from the club, and belief from Jermain."

Gary S Forsyth: "Now build the team around Defoe and watch him really go, and show Hodgson what could have won him the Euros."

Ray Lewis: "If we had to buy a younger player of he's calibre wed be paying 30 million plus

Kevin Barker: "Good move, the other strikers in the books will learn from him."

Jackie Thompson: "Well happy with that."

Tom Goodey: "The best news I've heard in years, that is."

Hilda Dickinson: "Brilliant news."

Mark Wilson: "Great news!"

Anne Wilson: "Absolutely brilliant news!"

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Lee Rossi: "Great news but should have been only two years. He's not got three years left at highest level."

Joe Walker: "Great news, very passionate and now even more committed!"

James Clark-Allan: "It will be our best summer signing. Great news."

Christine Mackem Sav: "Nananana Jermain Defoe!"