17 happy childhood memories of visits to South Shields' Temple Park swimming pool in its glory days

Weather it was the Aquablaster, the diving pool, the wave machine - or the ridiculously thick gravy you got on your chips in the cafe afterwards - everyone above a certain age has their own happy memories of trips to Temple Park pool

After council chiefs got approval to bulldoze what was once South Shields biggest and best swimming pool, we look back on its glory days with fondness.

Here are 16 happy memories you may share of trips to "the baths".

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1) The feeling of anticipation when queuing up for the Aquablaster

In the days before the likes of Wet 'n' Wild, when few people had been to a water park, this was an amazing ride for thrillseekers like nothing ever seen.

2) Getting your mam or dad to catch you at the bottom of the Aquablaster when you were little

Because even young thrillseekers don't like having their heads go under the water.

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3) The feeling of terror on your first venture into the deep end

And only being slightly reassured by the lifeguard on their giant chair

4) The warning siren for the wave machine

When the brave headed out to the deep end, and the younger swimmers enjoyed the waves sloshing up in the shallow end.

5) The "shark bars" on the far wall in the deep end

Something to do with the wave machine, no doubt. And if you hung onto the wall next to them your legs got sucked in when the wave machine was on.

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6) Being perplexed when one of your parents or a grandparent came along to watch and paid to be a "spectator"

Why on earth would they not want to get in the water?

7) The posters with pictures telling you what you shouldn't do

And wondering exactly what they meant by "no petting".

8) Watching people through the window of the diving pool

And feeling a mixture of nervous, excited and grown up when you were old enough to have a go yourself.

9) Getting dunked by a mean older sibling, cousin or friend

Or doing the dunking. Shame on you.

10) The coloured rubber bands that went round your wrist

And the sliding coloured boards on the wall which matched. Every time the whistle blew you'd looked nervously to see if it was your time to get out soon.

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11) Getting drinks from the vending machines which let you choose if you wanted little chunks of ice in

And watching fascinated as the cup popped out and your drink was made.

12) Getting kitted out with waterwings

But never really feeling they kept you afloat much

13) The feeling of invincibility when wearing goggles

And the novelty of being able to open your eyes under water

14) The leisure water coolers with the paper cone cups that you couldn't put down

There was one on the poolside for the lifeguards, and if you asked nicely they let you have a cup.

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15) Getting taught to wrap your wet swimming trunks/costume inside your towel

Even though you'd probably got your towel as drenched as your swimwear by the end of getting changed.

16)) Getting sausage, chips and ridiculously thick gravy in the cafe upstairs afterwards

Probably consuming more calories than you'd burnt off in the pool.

17) Going home smelling of chlorine

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Perhaps with an older relative saying you'd get ill for going outside with wet hair.