18 things you've said about Britain's Brexit result

Today, Britain's future has been sealed.
David Cameron and wife Samantha outside Downing Street earlier today.David Cameron and wife Samantha outside Downing Street earlier today.
David Cameron and wife Samantha outside Downing Street earlier today.

More than 51 per cent of the electorate voted for their country to leave the EU in yesterday's historic referendum vote.

Here, we look at your own reactions to the news from social media - covering everything from the decision, to currency, to business.

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Andrew Hope: "I don't get why everyone is panicking over the pound dropping. It will rise again. People are just selling because they're panicking. It will get back to normal soon enough."

Jo Lawrence: "Well done Sunderland. A city that has been built in the last decade on EU funding. You think we were ignored before? Just wait and see what will happen now."

Dawn Lane: "No one knows it's just all assumptions but if we can get through two world wars we get get through this! Lots of negative comments but I'm happy and no one will take the smile off my face today."

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Bruce M Marshall: "If we all work together, as we have done many times in past history, then we will come out of this stronger than we have ever been."

Gaynor O'Halloran: "Those who voted leave should be ashamed. Probably the same morons who vote for Labour in the local election time and time again and they've ruined the city."

Tracy Raine: "Well I'm really proud I voted to come out of the EU, after listening to my Dad tell me back in the 70's, we should have never gone in, so let's see what happens from now."

Kirsty Mclean: "Anxious dunno how you can vote for something when you don't know exactly what voting for - frightening times."

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Sheila Richardson: "Not everyone wanted to leave. Let's hope the people that did are full of themselves in a years time."

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Kelly Whiteley: "Well done Britain we can now become great and strong again we are now free people now close the boarders and stop all the immigration."

Kirstie Lee-Watson: "Does that mean we should all roll over and die or stand up and be counted to help the country out. It was never gone a be a popular outcome which ever way."

Clare Latersbaby May: "Happy we need to make this Britain great again lets get this lion roaring again."

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Paul Gray: "Just looked out of the window and the gold unicorn I was promised by Boris Johnson and Michael Gove isn't there. But I am sure the excuse now is it will all take time!"

James Brown Sinclair: "Worried. The whole election has been sold on immigration. No one has thought about the economy."

Angela Marie Maughan: "Well done to the ignorant people who just ruined our country. The fact that Farage was supporting it should have said it all. Beginning of the end for us now."

Wendy Price: "For years wherever I've travelled across the UK or world with work, I've always been extremely irritated when I hear people make comments about how they believe the people from the North East are racist, ignorant and poorly educated with the mentality of sheep. Today we have made sure that is how we will always be seen. Seeing that headline, I'm ashamed to be a Northerner today."

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David & Denise Thompson: "We [will] rebuild, work together and take it one day at a time."

Aly Lloyd: "Positive, one step at a time. Took a long time for country to go into decline so will take a long time to recover."

Rachel Russell: "The people who voted leave have now just contributed to one of the biggest falls in the value of the pound the UK has ever seen."