8 ways to keep your pet calm during New Year’s Eve fireworks

Pets can be scared of fireworks due to the loud noise they make.
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It’s New Year’s Eve, which means we will celebrate going into a brand-new year and reflect on the year we have had. 

Fireworks are a New Year’s Eve tradition, as a way to celebrate as the clock turns to midnight. 

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Although fireworks are loved by many people, due to their beautiful display, our pets aren’t huge fans - down to the huge noise they create. 

Here are 8 ways to keep your pet calm during New Year’s Eve fireworks according to Pet Safe UK:

Create a safe space

To ensure your pet remains calm during the fireworks, it is recommended to give them a quiet space away from the loud bangs and bright lights. Using blankets and bedding can also help to muffle the loud noises.

Distract them with familiar sounds

Familiar sounds such as the radio or television can distract your pet from the outside noises. Certain radio stations will even play pet-friendly music during the fireworks, and dedicated playlists can be found on streaming platforms. 

Keep them indoors when it’s dark

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If your pet needs a walk, make sure to do it during the day before the fireworks start.

Keep windows and doors shut

By keeping windows and doors closed during the fireworks, it can muffle the sounds of the loud noises. It also means that frightened pets won’t be able to escape if they get spooked.

Close the curtains 

Closing curtains is another way to reduce loud noises and dim bright lights.

Make sure they’re wearing collars 

Just in case your pet does try to escape due to being frightened, it is best that they are wearing a collar with a tag with details on so that you can be reunited with them if they are lost.

Keep them hydrated

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A sign of anxiety in dogs is panting, therefore it is important to keep them hydrated. 

Keep calm

The final way to keep your pet’s calm this New Year’s Eve is to keep calm yourself, and reassure them. Pet’s can pick up on their owners’ stress, so if you are relaxed, it may help your pet.

Keep your pets safe this New Year's Eve.Keep your pets safe this New Year's Eve.
Keep your pets safe this New Year's Eve.

PetSafe® Brand’s Rob Steele said: “Whilst we expect fireworks on New Year’s Eve, loud bangs and bright flashes can be very startling for cats and dogs. Their acute hearing makes them more sensitive to sounds, and they’re also likely to be more perceptive to the smell than their owners. 

“As with all wild animals, cats and dogs associate loud noises with danger and will be stressed and fearful. But by following these nine simple steps, we’ll be doing a great deal to help our pets get through the night with as little stress as possible – for everyone.”

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