Almost half of UK children refuse to eat their vegetables

Almost half of British children REFUSE to eat vegetables, according to a new study of parents.

What's your favourite vegetable? Picture: PA.
What's your favourite vegetable? Picture: PA.

Researchers surveyed 2,000 UK parents about the eating habits of their children - and revealed a staggering 75% have worries or concerns about their fussy eating. Overall, 82% of the parents who took part claimed there are some foods that their child simply will not eat including veg, salad, meat, fish and dairy. According to data, vegetables are the main cause for concern, with 46% of children refusing to eat them. See the list below for the vegetables that children will not eat, with their percentages. Click on your favourite!

The report was commissioned in conjunction with Heinz's Grow Your Own campaign, which encourages children to learn more about where food comes from by growing their own Heinz tomatoes. Grow Your Own is celebrating its 5th birthday.

Two thirds (66%) of parents said that trying to get their children to eat healthily is a stressful experience - 38% added that the stress of mealtimes with their children has led to rows with their other half, with 59% saying they often feel at the wits end with the problem.

The research also revealed that one of the major reasons children are picky with food is because they don't know where it comes from, with 64% of parents saying their children have never grown any kind of vegetable at home - compared to just 36% who say they have.