Americans have it right

I would like to congratulate the millions of American people who have realised what a great asset they have in their future president Donald Trump.

A man prepared to stand up for his beliefs, a man who promises to put his country and fellow countrymen first, a man determined to make America great again, his plans to tackle issues like illegal immigration, terrorism, unemployment may be controversial but like it or not they are necessary.

If only we could elect a government that would put the interests and welfare of our country and people first, that would stand up against the myriad of silly human rights laws that put our safety at risk. European courts that tell us what we can and what we can’t do, or who we can and can’t have in our country.

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The world is changing for the worst and we must keep up or suffer the consequences. Does anyone really believe that the present Government are up to the job?

M McArdle