Angry driver to '˜fine' ParkingEye over unfair hospital parking

A disgruntled driver says he will give a parking firm a month to return his £40 fine '“ or else he will be doubling his demand to £80.
James Farthing with the fine from ParkingEye .James Farthing with the fine from ParkingEye .
James Farthing with the fine from ParkingEye .

Jim Farthing was furious when he found out ParkingEye had installed cameras without planning permission at South Tyneside District Hospital, in South Shields, in 2014.

The company has since had to apply to South Tyneside Council for retrospective planning permission.

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However, Mr Farthing from Whiteleas, South Shields, says it should be forced to pay the fines.

He said: “I’ll just go and set up a hot dog stall outside of South Shields Town Hall and make money for two years shall I?

“Then when I get caught I’ll stick in a retrospective application. They should be made to give everyone their money back, with interest.

“I was fined for not registering a Blue Badge, an honest mistake, so I want my £40 back – I’ll be doubling to £80 if they don’t pay up.”

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Mr Farthing believes South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust should also take some responsibility.

The Trust’s Steve Jamieson said: “ParkingEye applied for retrospective planning permission for the installation of their equipment, applicable to the date of installation, which has now been granted.

“Whilst we sympathise with anyone who receives a parking charge notice, it would be for individuals to address their concerns directly with them.”