Ask the expert: What lifestyle changes will help me get pregnant?

Q: 'We've been trying for a baby for six months, but I'm not pregnant yet. What lifestyle changes can we make to have the best chance of conceiving?'
Lifestyle changes can help women become pregnant.Lifestyle changes can help women become pregnant.
Lifestyle changes can help women become pregnant.

A: “The first thing to address is your sex life, preferably having regular sex throughout the month every three days and more frequently around the fertile window of around days nine to 16.

“It’s more important to have regular sex throughout the cycle than to pinpoint ovulation and reduce sex down to just a few days around then.

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“Over-exercising is also a problem I frequently see in clinic. Moderate low impact is fine - avoid strenuous sweaty exercise.

“Moderate your drinking and stop smoking – smoking ages you by 10 years in fertility terms.

“Eat a balanced diet, including lots of pulses and vegetables. Good-quality meat and good fats are important.

“Address any gut and digestive issues you might have - I’m a big believer that diet is important, but digestion is everything.

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“We focus too much on what we eat; when how we eat and how good our bodies are at extracting the nutrition from the food is as important.

“Clean up your environment - there are lots of chemicals in our home that are classified as endocrine disrupters.

“PABAs and BPA’s in soft plastics and fragrances are of particular note. Airborne pollutants can also be a problem.

“Don’t forget that it takes two and it’s important to consider that men play a vital role as well.

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“Heat can cause problems for men; avoid overheating the testicles.

“Heated car seats, saunas, cycling, using a laptop directly on the lap - all these things can have a negative impact on sperm.”

* Fertility expert Emma Cannon is author of Fertile: Nourish And Balance Your Body Ready For Baby Making (Vermilion, £20)