Benefits expert: How to claim for vibration white finger

Q. I have been working all of my life and I am still working full-time now. I have vibration white finger from work I did many years ago, and I have tried to claim Personal Independence Payment, but I didn't score enough points.
Vibration white finger results from using certain tools.Vibration white finger results from using certain tools.
Vibration white finger results from using certain tools.

I have heard about people making claims for white finger, but I don’t know what it is they are claiming. Is there anything I can look at claiming for this?

A. You are probably referring to Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit, which is paid to people with specific conditions which must have been caused by a specific type of job.

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Vibration white finger (prescribed disease A11) is one of the listed prescribed diseases and can be covered by Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit if it was caused by working with certain tools such as hand-held chain saws, grinding tools, percussive metal tools or percussive drills.

The benefit covers a number of diseases such as COPD, industrial deafness and mesothelioma if they have resulted from certain jobs.

Usually you must be assessed as having a level of disablement of 14% or more and the higher the level of disability the higher the level of payment.

Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit is taken into account for means tested benefits.

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As you are currently working full time, this may not have any impact on you.

However, if you come to claim any means tested benefits in future then you must remember to declare any Industrial Injuries income.

You can request an application form online at or by calling 0345 758 5433.

Q. I am claiming low-rate mobility Disability Living Allowance and have been getting it for a lot of years now.

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I now think I should be getting something for my care, as my health has got worse since the start of this year.

I understand I would be assessed for Personal Independence Payment instead, but how do I go about making a claim for Personal Independence Payment when I already receive Disability Living Allowance?

I don’t want to be overpaid anything.

A. If you are already in receipt of Disability Living Allowance then you can call Personal Independence Payment on 0345 917 2222 and request an application form, as part of that phone call it asks whether or not you are currently in receipt of Disability Living Allowance.

Once you complete the application form for Personal Independence Payment you are likely to be invited in for a medical assessment and then a decision will be made on your entitlement.

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If you are successful in your Personal Independence Payment application then the letter will give you a date for when Disability Living Allowance will stop and Personal Independence Payment will take over.

If you are not successful in a claim for Personal Independence Payment then your Disability Living Allowance claim will end.

You will have the option of appealing the Personal Independence Payment decision, but you will not be able to go back onto Disability Living Allowance.

You would also have the option of applying for Personal Independence Payment directly in the future.