Bid to block Papa John's from setting up shop next to McDonald's and Burger King

Fast food lovers may soon well be spoilt for choice - but not if council bosses get there way.
Papa Johns wish to create a shop just behind Burger King  which was built earlier this year.Papa Johns wish to create a shop just behind Burger King  which was built earlier this year.
Papa Johns wish to create a shop just behind Burger King which was built earlier this year.

Plans have been submitted for Papa John’s to create a new takeaway right next to McDonald’s and Burger King on Newcastle Road in South Shields.

The pizza company would be located in the car park of the Burger King drive-thru - which is situated just meters away from it’s competitor and only opened its doors at the start of the year.

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The latest potential addition will add to fears for the South Tyneside’s obesity crisis - latest figures show that over a third of youngsters in the borough finish their primary school years classed either as overweight or obese.

Council bosses are now revising the Local Plan to take into account any new applications from hot foot takeaways in an attempt to promote a more healthy borough.

Already planners have recently rejected a hot food takeaway application at the Nook in Prince Edward Road, South Shields - due to the high number of outlets already there.

Now local authority chiefs say they ‘in the process of objecting to this current application;’,

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A South Tyneside Council spokesperson said: “The Council does not currently have an adopted planning policy regarding healthy weight however it remains a material planning consideration in the determination of planning applications.

“The council is currently working on revising its Local Plan which, if adopted, would include policies in respect of healthy weight and this would be part of the overall approach.

“Whilst any new policy would not mean that all similar establishments would be refused, significant consideration would be given for any future applications as a result of recent evidence focusing on hot food takeaways and the role of planning and environmental health in helping to promote healthy environments.

“The council recently rejected an application for a hot food takeaway in the Nook as it was felt that there are ample hot food takeaways close to where this one would have been and we are in the process of objecting to this current application.”

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The Papa John’s application states that the outlet, which would stand on ground previously occupied by a carwash, would create pizzas on site and customers could also come and collect there.

There will be no dining facilities.

The application stated: “Proposed scheme is for a small single storey Papa John’s Pizza takeaway with preparation, cooking, storage and staff.”

Britsch Design, the agent for the applicant, did not wish to comment on the proposals at this stage.