Brexit fight will get nasty

Now the referendum campaign is under way, Eurosceptic newspapers are already heaping abuse on those wanting to stay in the EU.

Emma Thompson was told to ‘shut her cake hole’. She was mocked as a luvvie. I’d describe her as the only person to win Oscars for her brilliant acting and her adaptation of a Jane Austen novel.

Surely, she’s entitled to express her opinion?

Foreign statesmen had better watch out too, after the reaction to John Kerry’s remarks.

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But we know one foreign leader sitting in the Kremlin who’d love it if Europe is weakened by a Brexit.

People will have to decide which politicians they dislike most, because Mr Farage, Mr Cash, Mr Grayling and Mr Duncan Smith want a Brexit.

I’ll probably vote the other way. Then I noticed Mr Blair and Mr Corbyn on my side – and I groan, Oh no...

Charles Napier