'Bring them up properly' - 10 things you said about Staffies as Government rejects calls to add them to Dangerous Dogs list

Readers have been sharing their stories of life with Staffordshire Bull Terriers

Wednesday, 18th July 2018, 12:14 pm
Updated Wednesday, 18th July 2018, 12:22 pm
Pictures: Jennifer Ogilvie, Gemma Brown, Darryl Nellist and Ann Wallace.

Described by many of you as "loving" and "brilliant" dogs, the Government has rejected calls from PETA to add the breed to the Dangerous Dogs List. The animal rights charity had argued that it wanted to protect the breed from gangs, crime and abuse with its proposal.

A counter-petition, from Staffy owner Steve Quinn, urged our Government to reject PETA's recommendation. After discussion in parliament, the Government agreed not to add Staffies to the banned list.

Pictures: Jennifer Ogilvie, Gemma Brown, Darryl Nellist and Ann Wallace.

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Some of you contacted the Gazette on social media to share your own stories of growing up with a Staffy in the family and having one of the dogs in your life.

Here's how you reacted to the story on social media:

Tasha Calvert: "It's how you bring them up like any other dog - softest, loyal, loving funniest dog I've had. Mine lives with her two brothers, one being a cat and other a Jack Russell cross."

Darryl Nellist: "Bring them up properly, give them love and attention, in return 110% loyalty, 110% unconditional love back. My dog Molly is literally the softest most caring & gentle Staff you would ever meet."

Picture: Tasha Calvert.

Sophie Leigh Lister: "It’s the owners of the dogs! Not the dogs! My dog is 11 this year, never bit anyone! Always been around kids! I have 3 Staffies in family all soft as anything."

Ann Wallace: "Absolute right decision. Staffies are family, loyal dogs. Absolutely amazing around kids."

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Christine Nixon: "I've had Staffies for over 30 years and never had a problem. They grew up with my children and now my grandchildren."

Tracy Rutter: "Always had Staffies always will great family dogs great with my kids it's the owners at fault not the dogs."

Rachelle Ferguson: "Staffies are beautiful dogs inside and out."

June Bains: "Rightly so most of them are big softies. Some owners make them aggressive by the way they treat them."

Sheryl Davison: "I'm pleased, that the Government have seen sense for once. Any dog is dangerous in the wrong hands."

Jason Trotter: "Like everyone knows it's the owners that are the problem ... like a gun isn't dangerous it's the person holding it."