Brothers jailed for shocking South Shields stabbings after trouble behind Roxannes nighclub

Two brothers have been put behind bars for two shocking town centre stabbing attacks that left the victims with lifelong injuries.

Brandon Farrer (left) and Kyle Smith
Brandon Farrer (left) and Kyle Smith

Kyle Smith, 29, plunged a blade into Michael Johnson after trouble flared in the streets behind Ocean Road after a night out at Roxannes.Mr Johnson, 28, needed emergency surgery to have his spleen removed, had damage to his diaphragm and pancreas and needed 30 staples to his stomach, as well asinternal stitches, after the attack in September 2017.Smith's sibling Brandon Farrer, who brandished a plank of wood during the violence, stabbed a man three times during a separate, completely unrelated knife attack in March last year.Farrer, 19, plunged a blade into Stuart Eunson's buttocks and back, which left the 36-year-old in a critical condition with a perforated bowel and in need of emergency surgery and blood and plasma transfusions.At Newcastle Crown Court Smith, of Anderson Street, South Shields, admitted wounding with intent and having an offensive weapon.He also pleaded guilty to burglary at a neighbour's home, who has severe MS and who was "pushed forcefully" by his unknown , "more aggressive" accomplice, before her cash and cigarettes were taken.Smith has now been jailed for a total of 15 years by a judge who said he poses a "high risk of causing serious harm" in future.Judge Sarah Mallett said Smith's victim Mr Johnson lost income due to being self employed and added: "The absence of a spleen has compromised, seriously, his immune system, which means not only does he have to take antibiotics and vaccines for life but any infection cannot be countered by his body and he has to be hospitalised. That is something that will continue to effect him."Farrer, of Anderson Street, South Shields, admitted affray and having and offensive weapon in relation to the September 2017 violence and pleaded guilty to unlawful wounding and having an offensive weapon in relation to the attack on Mr Eunson.He has been jailed for a total of 28 months.The judge told him: "You targeted the area you stabbed him, with the intention, it is said, to avoid causing really serious harm but, nevertheless, cause really serious harm you did."Colin Dunn, 23, of Lord Nelson Street, South Shields, and Nathan Watson, 21, of Colin Avenue, South Shields, both admitted affray after they "threw punches" during the attack on Mr Eunson.Dunn was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment, suspended for two years, with programme and rehabilitation requirements plus 250 hours unpaid work.Watson was given the same sentence, with 150 hours unpaid work. The judge said both men have "scope for rehabilitation". Prosecutor Paul Cleasby told the court the attack on Mr Johnson, who had been socialising with pals, started when he and Smith, and their groups of friends, started arguing as they left Roxannes.The violence flared at the back of the club, where the two factions clashed.The court heard Smith had been handed a knife by an unknown man. Mr Cleasby added: "Once the weapon had been given to Mr Smith, Mr Smith approached Mr Johnson. He then pulled the knife from behind his back and, in a swinging motion, stabbed Mr Johnson."The court heard Mr Johnson suffered a "severe wound" to his left side and the removal of his spleen and damage to other organs means he has been left with serious, long term problems.The court heard the attack on Mr Eunson happened on South Frederick Street and had resulted from an earlier run-in.Mr Eunson was left with "blood seeping through his trousers" and collapsed on the floor when he made it back to a pal's house.Mr Cleasby said: "He was taken to the RVI and treated for his injuries, three stab wounds. One to each buttock and one to his lower back."A CT scan of his abdomen and pelvis showed the stab wound to his left buttock had gone through into his pelvis."It caused air in the abdomen and a perforation to the bowel."The court heard Mr Eunson was in hospital for a fortnight.He said in a victim statement: "I have been left with serious injuries which, according to my surgeon, will effect me for the rest of my life."Jane Foley, defending, said Smith was left badly bruised and grazed as a result of the violent confrontation and had been misusing cocaine at the time.Miss Foley said: "Hopefully he will come out of custody an older and wiser individual."Miss Foley said Farrer was only 17 when he got involved in the brawl behind the nightclub and had no previous violence on his record.She said Farrer aimed for Mr Eunson's buttocks because he "didn't want to cause him serious harm".Vic Laffey, defending Dunn, said: "It wasn't his argument, his involvement was limited."Shaun Routledge, defending Watson, said: "His involvement was limited."

Nathan Watson
Colin Dunn