Careers convention helps Hebburn pupils think about life after school

School pupils are being steered in the right direction thanks to a careers convention.

Careers convention at Hebburn Comprehensive School Year 11 pupils
Careers convention at Hebburn Comprehensive School Year 11 pupils

Colleges, sixth forms and firms offering apprenticeships visited Hebburn Comprehensive School to meet pupils yesterday.

Year 9, 10 and 11 pupils were invited to the event, along with their parents, at the school in Campbell Park Road, Hebburn.

Teacher Angeline Phillips said the event gave students the opportunity to see what options are available to them when they leave school.

Mrs Phillips said: “We had 39 post-16 providers come to the school with information about their companies and even application forms to hand out to the pupils.

“The event was open to pupils in Years 9, 10 and 11. The idea for Year 9 pupils is that it’ll help them pick their options for GCSE and with Year 10 and 11 students, it will get them thinking about what’s out there for them when they finish school.”

Companies including Ford Engineering and infrastructure group Balfour Beatty, as well as representatives from the NHS and universities attended the event.

Mrs Phillips says the convention was started in response to the rising levels of youth unemployment in South Tyneside and the North East.

She said: “We started in response to the North East and South Tyneside having such high unemployment in young people, so they could find out more about what’s available to them. It will be really competitive for them when they leave, so events like this help.”

Hebburn Comprehensive School was recently awarded an Inspiring IAG Silver Award for outstanding career and education guidance.