Children burned at '˜horrendous' Bonfire Night display which saw firework send sparks into the crowd

An angry mum has hit out at pub bosses after her five-year-old son suffered burns to his neck when at a firework display in South Tyneside.
The Greyhound Inn, JarrowThe Greyhound Inn, Jarrow
The Greyhound Inn, Jarrow

The 37-year-old, who does not wish to be named, was one of a number of people who had attended the free public display at the Greyhound pub in Jarrow on Monday.

But what should have been a fun, family night out turned into what she described as “chaos” when a live firework sent sparks into the crowd - showering a number of youngsters.

A youngster suffered minor burns to his neck when a firework sent sparks into the crowdA youngster suffered minor burns to his neck when a firework sent sparks into the crowd
A youngster suffered minor burns to his neck when a firework sent sparks into the crowd
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The woman says her her five-year-old son - along with her friend’s nine-year-old daughter - suffered minor burns and were left shocked and distressed by their ordeal.

South Tyneside Council have now launched an investigation into a complaint made by a member of the public over the incident.

No one was available to comment from the pub.

The mother said: “The whole thing was just horrendous. We had concerns shortly after the display started. There were fireworks sitting on a table just a few feet from where rockets were being set off.

“Everyone was standing behind the barrier, but I asked the kids to move further back which they did.”

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She added: “A firework just erupted, sending sparks spraying all over the front row, including my son and several other kids. My son was screaming and petrified.

“Parents were frantic as they tried to grab their kids to get them away. We managed to get our kids to the safety of the conservatory where a number of other parents were seeing to their kids, some who had been injured.

“Then they started with the fireworks again. We left straight away.

“My children have been left distraught by this and my son has burns to his neck.

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“We were supposed to be going on Sunday to the firework display on the seafront but he doesn’t want to go he’s terrified.”

The mum said after a number of calls to the pub she was eventually able to speak to the manager, who, she claims, said there would be an investigation into the incident. 
She added: “She couldn’t apologise enough but we are lucky it wasn’t a lot worse. People could have been seriously injured.”

A spokesman for South Tyneside Council said: “We are currently investigating a complaint from a member of the public regarding children allegedly being injured at a fireworks display at the Greyhound pub.”