Chip pan blaze leaves householder in need of first aid

Firefighters helped a householder recover from the affects of smoke inhalation after a chip pan caught fire in a kitchen.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 29 May, 2018, 07:11
The chip pan fire happened in the kitchen of a bungalow in Salem Street, Jarrow. Image copyright Google Maps.

Two crews of firefighters from South Shields and a team from Hebburn Fire Station were sent to deal with the blaze in a bungalow in Salem Street in Jarrow.

When they arrived, they found the occupier had already put out the fire using damp tea towels and got themselves out of the house.

They gave the householder oxygen after they had breathed in smoke fumes, but the person did not need hospital treatment.

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The officers used a fan to clear the bungalow of smoke.

The incident happened at 2.20pm yesterday, with the firefighters on the scene until 3.30pm.