Clash of views: What you said about plans for new Papa John's pizza shop in South Shields

A controversial new pizza takeaway has left people split down the middle after plans to open a Papa John's next to McDonald's and Burger King.

Tuesday, 21st June 2016, 1:12 pm
Updated Tuesday, 21st June 2016, 2:18 pm
Papa John's

Heath officials had urged their colleagues in the South Tyneside planning department to recommend plans for the pizza shop be rejected, pointing to the borough's obesity rates.There had already been concern about Burger King opening its doors next to McDonald's when plans were approved earlier in the year, on traffic and road safety concerns as well as health fears.

But Papa John’s was granted permission to open a new outlet right next door to both businesses in Towers Place, South Shields, at a South Tyneside Council planning committee meeting on Monday.

And many readers have backed the decision, saying it is down to individuals to choose what they eat, and that Papa John's will create jobs while bringing a new offer to the town.

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Commenting on our Facebook page, Heather Ditchburn said: "Curry No one FORCES anyone to eat this stuff ! No one physically pushes it into their mouths ! It annoys me that people think we'll all be queuing round the block to buy pizza! I for one wouldn't insult my taste buds with it."

Anthony Scurfield said: "People are over over weight due to being lazy. Not knowing how to cook or the way as a kid you have been brought up.

"Sorry but open these places. People do like good food but in moderation! Means I can pick out of three places for my hangover meal."

Paul Gray: "(There's) not much opposition to Greggs multiple outlets, or Dicksons for that matter."

Barry Jack said: "People are not fat because fast food shops are open they are fat because they chose to be.

"Obesity rates should have no baring on whether a business opens or not. At least it will mean a dozen or so new jobs in the area for some people."

However, other readers are concerned about over development at the site, and have questioned the proliferation of takeaways in the borough.

Tracy Trotter said: "As if there ain't enough space in South Shields to put Papa John's!!! Let's just cram everything on the same site!!

"Let's build more buildings while others that they could occupy becomes derelict!! Smart move south Shields council!!!"

Ian Cawood said: "Like we need another pizza shop or take away in Shields our council needs to concentrate on the town centre they have killed."

Caitlin 'Caiti' Winter said: "There's no room to build this. Got to wonder who approved it."