Closed Marsden Grotto pub is no longer a '˜grotty' mess, say owners

Pub bosses have declared that their seaside watering hole is no longer '˜grotty'.

Saturday, 4th February 2017, 8:00 am
Updated Saturday, 4th February 2017, 8:51 am

Rubbish and broken equipment had been piling up outside the Marsden Grotto’s beach front patio.

Waste bins were overflowing and there shelving units has also been discarded.

The scene at Marsden Grotto early in the week

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The pub, on Coast Road, South Shields, has been closed since before Christmas and there’s no indication of when its set to reopen.

Council bosses confirmed they had been in touch with pub’s owner telling them to tidy up the rubbish which had been upsetting dog walkers and nature lovers.

No-one from The Grotto has been available for comment to The Gazette but a message was posted on the pub’s Facebook page saying the mess had been caused by “bad weather, high ties and a break-in by vandals.

The Facebook post read: “Thank you to South Shields Gazette, we have been made aware of the state our front area has been left in

The scene at Marsden Grotto early in the week

“We would like to bring forward that we have today sent down our cleaning teams to tidy and remove any debris and the full area is now clear.

“Weather/high tides caused sea levels to rise above the walls protecting the terrace hence the wooden structured tables destroyed! Fly tipping (Glass Tables) also built up onto the debris causing broken glass and smashed windows!

“Our two out houses had been broken into. This is why our kitchen equipment was smashed outside and left to rot!

“The overflowing bins were full of dog waste which is why the bins were overflowed.

“Damage has been done to exterior doors and windows and we have had a break in.

“The debris has been removed, and the area is safe again for the public.”

Yesterday the site, which is still closed, had been tidied up.

Earlier in the week Gazette readers were left saddened by the state of the pub.

Lesley Matthews said: “Such a shame. It used to be such a brilliant pub - open all through the year. Many happy memories!

“My grandad was one of the builders of the lift shaft in the 1930s.”