Colin hopes to be elected - at the fifth time of asking

Colin Campbell is standing for the Cleadon Park ward.Colin Campbell is standing for the Cleadon Park ward.
Colin Campbell is standing for the Cleadon Park ward.
A political comeback kid is throwing his hat in the ring for the fifth time in a bid to '˜save' South Shields town centre.

Colin Campbell will be standing as an independent for the Cleadon Park ward, in South Shields, at the local government elections on May 5.

The 63-year-old is trying again – he polled 376 votes, losing to Labour’s Coun Jim Foreman in May 2014 – because he says he is unhappy with the way the town’s £100million regeneration plan – South Shields 365 – is developing.

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Mr Campbell said: “Change is all I want. This is my fifth attempt at standing over the years but someone needs to speak out and do something to save our town.

“We have this £100million regeneration plan going on, the town centre is in bits and failing badly.

“Someone needs to ask what’s going on here. We’re getting a new library and a transport hub, but there’s not going to be anything else left at this rate.”

Mr Campbell is a social landlord for his company Tyne and Wear Properties.

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He is standing for the Cleadon Park ward, as he has investments there, and his partner also lives there.

Mr Campbell said: “Since 2010 there’s been no trees planted. We have streets named after plants and trees and no trees.

“For the last 10 years I have been passed between the builders and South Tyneside Council over broken lamp-posts. Nobody listens, but these are important for the people living there.

“I am quite hopeful. For many years the ward voted for the former independent councillor George Elsom, so people are willing to vote something other than Labour in this area. The last time I stood there were two independents, so the vote was split – however this time there’s just me.”

Also seeking election for the Cleadon Park ward is Labour current councillor Alex Donaldson, Conservative hopeful Elizabeth Turnbull and Dave Herbert for The Green Party.