Could a mini ice age be on the way to the North East?

A frost-bitten Angel of the North shows just how different our region could look if hit by a mini ice age.
The Angel of the North, re-imagined. Picture: James Dawes.The Angel of the North, re-imagined. Picture: James Dawes.
The Angel of the North, re-imagined. Picture: James Dawes.

The North East's angel is only one of the UK landmarks given the snowy treatment by James Dawes, commissioned by British Gas.

Edinburgh Castle, the Houses of Parliament and the Clifton Suspension Bridge, in Bristol, were also re-imagined as covered in snow and ice as part of winter awareness information from the energy provider.

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New data from the company has revealed a 23% increase in calls to report broken boilers and other appliances problems across the winter period- so British Gas is calling on customers to be in the know.

Top tips include bleeding radiators, insulating pipes and maintaining drains to stop malfunctions.

British Gas has also urged homeowners to block breezes, use a carbon monoxide alarm, carry out regular boiler checks and wrap up water tanks.

And while the chilling images may seem like a million miles away from our reality, some climate experts have warned that Britain could be hit by a mini ice age due to the global warming crisis.

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As reported nationally, James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, has warned that the UK should be braced for colder winters.

He added: “This serious climate situation is also something that is unlikely to correct itself overnight as repeated analysis of past cycles and other contributing factors in relation to the current solar output and size/frequency of sunspots reveal to us quite conclusively that we are heading into something like a Maunder Minimum."

What do you think? Would you like to see the North East's landmarks transformed into a wintry wonderland?