Crab sticks, mashed potato and black pudding with banana - 18 of Sunderland's weird and wonderful ideas for stuffing your stottie

Sunderland's culinary masterminds have been coming up with their best ideas for stottie fillings after the North East favourite featured on a BBC cooking programme.

We asked Echo readers on our Facebook page for their favourite fillings after our beloved bread product sparked a debate on radio's Kitchen Cabinet.

Here's what you came up with:

Lee Richardson said: "Pie or pizza in a stottie with lashings of butter is the best!"

Abbey Wardle said: "Banana and black pudding....delicious."

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Andy Reay said: "Anything I eat, I'm happy to put in a sandwich - even to mix things like mince pie and peanut butter,, even a few crab sticks in there as well. Anything goes as long as I like it."

Darren Tyler said: "Branston pickle and Cadbury’s chocolate buttons with brown sauce on. Bloody lovely."

Julie Scurfield got nostalgic for his favourite butties of the past: "Half a stottie, hollow out the middle, stick in a bag of Tudor Lamb n Mint Sauce crisps, followed by a sneaky Benson n Hedges round the back lane. Best school dinner EVER!"

Barbara Hutchinson said: "Cheese, peanut butter, Marmite and cucumber."

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Nichola Atkinson said: "My favourite Christmas sarnie, pigs in blankets, sprouts, turkey, gravy and stuffing - it’s all about the sprouts!"

Ray Knight said: "I once went to Newcastle and got their number one filling - beetroot soaked chips."

Ian Maggiore said: "Lob it in your George Foreman. Half a stottie is a perfect fit! Anything goes!"

Phil Bowden said: "Salt and vinegar crisps, salad cream and cheese stottie. DO IT. DO IT NOW !!!"

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David Gold said: "Steak and kidney pie, brown sauce and plenty Lurpak."

James Addison said: "Love nothing better than a pie sarnie, but where can you find a really decent stottie these days?"

Thomas Wright said: "Pea and gravy sandwic."

Stephen Jones said: "Kippers and jam ......lovely."

Scott Keogh said: "Pot noodle sarnie."

Neil Winfield said: "Mushy peas and mint sauce."

Mel Dolan said: "I love mashed potato and peas."

Lisa Cuthbertson said: "Mince pie or sausage roll with brown sauce and cheese."

Gordon Graham said: "Cheese and Jam. Lovely."