Caught on camera: Thieves pocket vodka and crisps during early hours break-in at South Shields' Sundial pub

This is the moment a pair of thieves who targeted a seafront pub snatch snacks and spirits from behind the bar.

Tuesday, 4th June 2019, 2:19 pm
The CCTV captured one of the intruder's faces.
The CCTV captured one of the intruder's faces.

The raiders broke into The Sundial in Sea Road, South Shields, just after 12.30am on Sunday.

The bar’s security system captured the two as they walked behind the bar, grabbed three bags of crisps and two bottles of vodka before running off as the building’s alarm system was triggered.

The CCTV captured one of the intruder's faces.

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The high-level measures have since been increased even further as the business protects its venue.

The footage has been circulated around other pubs and posted on Facebook as bar bosses try to track down the thieves.

Jay CCTV Solutions - JCS LTD, which manages the Sundial’s security, has ensured they distributed the footage to the Chameleon Lounge, the Britannia in Charlotte Street, the Hedworth Hall and the Sand Dancer, which are also among its clients.

The Sundial’s security system alerted business owner Joanne Meade the intruders had got into the building, which recently underwent a £1 million refit, as the incident unfolded.

The Sundial pub in Sea Road, South Shields, which was broken into in the early hours of Sunday.

She was able to call police to report it as the break-in was ongoing and watch the pair as the CCTV relayed the video directly to her.

She headed down to the pub, but the pair had gone.

The break-in has left the staff upset, but determined not to let it affect the business.

Joanne said: “I could see them on the camera and I could see them on my phone.

The CCTV shows the pair, including one wearing a padded jacket and the other a hooded top, as they helped themselves to snacks and bottles of booze.

“I was furious, absolutely furious.

“We want to know if anyone knows them.

“We don’t want anyone to think they can just get in here and potter about in our pub and get away with it  and we want them named and shamed.

“We are part of the Pubwatch as well, we work with the police and we work together.

The pair lift a bottle of vodka during the break-in at The Sundial pub.

“We want to raise awareness with others too, because we’re part of a community.”

Northumbria Police has urged anyone with information to contact 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.