Drunk mum kicked paramedic in the stomach as she tried to treat her for head injury

A mum attacked a paramedic called to give her first aid on a night out which got ‘worse and worse’ as the evening went on.

Johanna Johnson.
Johanna Johnson.

Johanna Johnson went drinking with a friend after a disagreement with her husband and suffered another knockback when her pal told her some distressing news.

South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court heard they moved on to a house gathering, where the mother-of-two slipped in the bathroom and injured her face and head.

Johnson, 35, of Lincoln Road, South Shields, admitted to assault by beating of an emergency worker on Sunday, July 21.

Paul Anderson, prosecuting, said the paramedic and her crew mate found Johnson “very intoxicated” when they arrived at 1.20am and decided she needed further treatment, which “agitated” the defendant.

He said: “They say say she’s not really in a position to make a responsible decision because of the alcohol and the head injury and they try get her on a stretcher, but she kicks out and kicks the paramedic in the stomach in an attempt to get off the ambulance.

“The defendant gets out of the ambulance and goes to the floor and makes herself a dead weight when they try to get her up.”

He added she calmed down when police arrived and she got into the ambulance, but vehicle had to pull over at one point because she began to hit out again.

Mr Anderson said when interviewed, Johnson could not remember the attack but accepted the account of the paramedic.

In a statement, the medic said: “I don’t come to work to be assaulted,” but went on to say she finds being attacked “is the norm.”

Valerie Bell, mitigating, explained a series of difficulties Johnson had faced her her family life.

She said: “It seems totally out of character for this lady and it’s been a combination of an evening of drinking to excess and she was not in the best situation at the time.

"She feels things are getting worse and worse as the night progresses.

“She feels genuinely remorseful, upset and embarrassed.”

Johnson was fined £359 and and told to be £50 in compensation.