Drunk Ryanair passenger who swigged his own booze on flight from Alicante jailed for 'disruptive' behaviour

A plane passenger who swigged his own booze and became a nightmare for cabin crew at 36,000 feet has been jailed.

Meredith Gibbons, 36, was travelling on a Ryanair flight from Alicante to Newcastle on November 19 when he began to be disruptive and abusive.

Newcastle Crown Court heard staff confiscated wine from him as it had not been bought onboard but Gibbons retrieved it from the galley and snuck it into the toilet so he could continue drinking.

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The court heard the police were called and waited for the plane to land to arrest him.

Meredith Gibbons.

Prosecutor Nicholas Lane said: "The police constable made his way to the gate where the aircraft had arrived and was told by members of the crew that the passenger on seat 5A was drunk and had been disruptive during the flight.

"Mr Gibbons was that passenger."

The court heard that the police officer initially placed just one handcuff on Gibbons to allow him to safely walk down the steps.

However, he continued being abusive and threatened to 'launch' them downwards.

As they touched down on the ground both handcuffs were placed on him but he continued to struggle with the officer, who had called for assistance by thispoint.

Gibbons, of no fixed address. who has 12 previous convictions for 26 offences, later pleaded guilty to being drunk on an aircraft.

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Kate Barnes, mitigating, told the court that Gibbons had been asked to hand over his wine as it was not purchased on board.

However, he then was able to retrieve it from the galley and snuck it into the toilet where he continued drinking.

Ms Barnes said: "It's embarrassing behaviour and behaviour that's clearly caused a nuisance to the cabin staff.

"It's thankful that is where the behaviour stops. He has not been charged with any assault or public order offences."

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Mr Recorder Tom Moran sentenced him to eight weeks in prison, saying: "There is a duty for you to behave for the safety of everybody else.

"You were drinking your own alcohol that you had smuggled on. It was taken off you but you followed the crew and managed to drink another two cups from the bottle and then took the bottle into the toilet to finish it off."