Ex ran over social worker in BMW after rage over escaped dog at Christmas get together

A social worker was run over by her former partner after he flew into a rage over an escaped dog during a festive family get together.

Daniel Hiscock had been installing a light projector outside his ex's home after a family Christmas shopping trip last December but lost his temper because a door got left open and the pet got out.

During an explosion of violence the 33-year-old pulled the the woman's hair when she tried to flee the house, attacked her brother, then used her own BMW to run her over.

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The car went over her legs and left her with injuries including fluid and a lump on one of her knees, which has been left numb, and an ankle problem.

Daniel Hiscock.

She needed treatment and follow up appointments with trauma and orthopedic specialists.

Prosecutor Penny Hall told the court the former couple had been in a nine-year relationship which broke down early last year, due to questions over Hiscock's fidelity, but they had started to spend time together, with a view togetting back together, last autumn.

On December 1 Hiscock was installing the projector light in the garden but started to shout when the dog got out of the house.

Miss Hall said: "In anger he pulled a baby gate from the doorway. He went on to push over a shoe cabinet.

"He was shouting and swearing."

The court heard when Hiscock's ex said she was leaving the house and her children followed he "grabbed her from behind by her hair and pulled her back".

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Hisock then turned his violence on the victim's brother, who had tried to stop the attack on his sister.

Miss Hall said: "He punched him several times to the face.

"He ended up on his knees, trying to cover his face.

"He describes letting the punches happen in the hope it gave his sister time to get away."The court heard after Hiscock went back into the house the victim, her brother and children were walking on a nearby street when they saw him drive past in her BMW so they decided to turn back and go home.Miss Hall told the court: "As she was walking across a grassed area, her brother and children ahead of her, the next thing she was aware of was she was hit to the back of the legs by the vehicle.

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"She falls to the floor and the front wheels of the vehicle go over her legs."

The court heard the victim managed to get to her feet and Hiscock drove off.

In a victim statement she said: "There is no reason anyone should do that to anyone.

"The relationship is over.

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"I never want to hear from him again."

The victim said she feared Hiscock would come back for a further confrontation and added: "I keep worrying about the worst case scenarios."

Her brother was left with a pea sized lump under his skin and difficulty breathing through one nostril due to the blows.

He said he was haunted by the sound of his sister's scream when she got hit by the car and added: "My sister should never be treated that way.

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"I am worried about the aftermath.

"As a family we will get through this.

"Every time the phone goes I worry something has happened."

Hiscock, of Ellison Street, Jarrow, admitted two charges of assault, one of common assault and dangerous driving.

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Mr Recorder Mark Guiliani told him: "You drove the car at her, you knocked her over and you ran over her legs.

"You were fortunate she was not more seriously injured or even killed."The judge it should have been an "extremely pleasant evening in preparation for the Christmas festivities" and added that the car was a "highly dangerous weapon".

Hiscock was sentenced to two years imprisonment, suspended for two years, with rehabilitation requirements, 120 hours unpaid work, a 12 month driving ban with extended test requirement and a five year restraining order.

The judge said Hiscock had shown "genuine and true remorse" and sought professional assistance.

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The court heard Hiscock was on medication, which affected his mood, at the time which has since been changed and he has caused no further problems.

Nicholas Lane, defending, said: "He is deeply ashamed by his behaviour.

"He acknowledges the relationship is over. He doesn't expect her to have any desire to be in a relationship with him again and he accepts that."

Mr Lane said Hiscock has good employment and went to his GP for help after the offences.

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The court heard Hiscock has four previous convictions, including one for battery on the same victim in 2014.

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