FISE AMES MURDER TRIAL: Accused whispered confession about killing to his mum, jury told

A man on trial for murder whispered a confession about the killing to his mum then denied all involvement when questioned by detectives, jurors have heard.

Faisal Ames Abdou 25, died as a result of blood loss from ten knife wounds to the legs after three killers came to his home while he was watching tv, it is claimed.

Shaun Riches, Michael Raine and Scott Mitchell all deny murder and are being tried by a jury at Newcastle Crown Court.

The court heard after the death of Mr Abdou, Raine visited his mum's home with another man and was chatting to her and her friend.

Three men deny the murder of Fise Ames and are standing trial.

Raine's mum told jurors there was a conversation about the death of Mr Abdou during the visit.

She said it was as he was leaving the house, her son whispered to her, so nobody else could hear: "It was me and him mam, we did it."

The mum added: "We had a discussion, we were talking about Faisal, I was asking if he knew anything about it before he whispered in my ear."

When interviewed by detectives, Raine said he had taken a "large quantity of MDMA" and remembered very little about the days surrounding the killing.

He told officers: "I didn't do anything to Faisal Abdou, didn't physically harm or touch him or threaten him or anything like that.

"I didn't have anything to do with any of it."

Mr Abdou died as a result of blood loss after he was stabbed in the legs ten times in his bedroom in a flat at Marshall Wallis Road, South Shields.

Previously, jurors heard a police officer describe the desperate attempts to save the life of Mr Abdou.

The officer said: ""I could see significant blood loss, with a number of puncture or stab wounds to his right leg.

"I moved him off the bed and lay him on the floor. I checked again to see if he had a pulse and could not detect one.

"I commenced CPR."

Riches, 24, of Wycliffe Avenue, Newcastle, Raine, 35, of Grace House, Percy Main, North Tyneside, and Mitchell, 25, of no fixed abode, all deny murder.

The trial continues.