Homeless man jailed for one day after damaging South Shields police station doors in bid to be sent back to prison

A homeless offender damaged the same police station’s doors for a fourth time in a bid to be sent to prison.

Jamie Donaldson’s latest repeat crime saw him smash the front entrance at Millbank, South Shields, on Saturday, November 5.

Donaldson, 37, told police he was responsible even before the damage was noticed by them, South Tyneside Magistrates' Court heard.

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And after his arrest, he admitted he had struck in the hope of getting a roof over his head.

The damage was caused at South Shields police station.

During interview, he told detectives, “I want to go back to jail as they haven’t given me anywhere to live”.

When shown photos of the destruction, Donaldson, who owes over £7,000 in previous fines and costs, added: “That was me, that. I smashed them.”

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District Judge Zoe Passfield granted him his wish by jailing him for one day for his latest crime.

But she sent him to prison for a further three weeks by recalling him for breaking the terms of his earlier release for a separate offence.

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Prosecutor Glenda Beck said: “A police officer at Millbank police station was notified that a male has caused damage to the front door.

“It was the defendant who disclosed that it was he who had caused the damage, with the intention of being sent back to prison.

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“He said, ‘I want to go back to jail as they haven’t given me anywhere to live’.

“Police reviewed CCTV and they could see that the defendant was responsible. They asked him if he was responsible, and he made no comment.

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“He was shown photographs, and said, ‘That was me, that. I smashed them.’ He then went on to make no other comment.”

Donaldson, of no fixed abode, pleaded guilty to a charge of causing criminal damage.

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David Forrester, defending, said: “His last four convictions on his record all relate to the same doors at the police station.

“It’s an offence involving mental health. He had been released from police custody on the Friday but released with nowhere to go.

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“He’s thought, ‘This is the best place for me to go’. It seems there are steps afoot to find him accommodation, but it’s not going to be so quick.”

Judge Passfield also ordered Donaldson to pay Northumbria Police £200 compensation on his release.