Lockdown spark burglaries fall

The number of burglaries in the North East fell during the second lockdown.

By Federica Bedendo
Friday, 15th January 2021, 10:35 am
Lockdown sparks burglary fall
Lockdown sparks burglary fall

Figures from the national police crime database show Northumbria Police received 597 reports of burglaries in November - compared to 649 in November 2019 – a drop of eight per cent.

The figures also show that crime as a whole increased by 11% in the force area during the month – with burglaries representing 3.5% of reports, compared to 4.2% of all offences in November 2019.

Nationally, there were 22,200 burglaries in November – 26% fewer than the same month the previous year.

Insurance company Aviva warned that nearly two-thirds of raids happen while people are in their homes.

Kelly Whittington, property claims director at Aviva, said: “The number of UK home theft claims we received in November 2020 was lower but lockdown has not put a stop to all criminal activity.

"Most burglaries are opportunistic, so if a door or window is left unlocked, someone can be in and out of a house in just a few seconds and if people are on another floor or in another room, they may not even be aware of an intruder, until it’s too late.”

National Police Chiefs’ Council chairman, Martin Hewitt, said: “Crime remains lower than at the same point last year, however the demand on the police is significant.

"During this pandemic, cyber-crime has increased, and we would urge everyone to take measures to protect themselves online as criminals seek to exploit opportunities while people go online during this latest national lockdown."