Man found with Taser in South Shields home said he bought it on Wish

Police who searched a South Tyneside house after reports a firearm was inside found a Taser that had been bought online.

Daniel Purvis, 33, of Downham Court, South Shields, admitted buying it online out of curiosity from the website Wish but claimed he had no intention of ever using it – and had not, borough magistrates were told.

While at the property on Sunday, September 22, police also found amphetamine and cannabis belonging to Joanne Robertson, 36, of the same address – some in her pants.

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Jobless Purvis admitted a charge of possession of a weapon for the discharge of a noxious liquid or gas when he appeared at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court.

South Tyneside Magistrates' Court. South Tyneside Magistrates' Court.
South Tyneside Magistrates' Court.

Robertson, also unemployed, pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis and possession of amphetamine, both illegal Class B drugs.

Prosecutor Paul Anderson said: “There’s a warrant issued because of a firearm. Mr Purvis isn’t very happy about police being at his house.

“He’s told that there’s a warrant in relation to a Taser, it’s found next to the television. There were drugs present.

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“The lady present was found with amphetamine, it was found in her pants, and there was a small amount of cannabis which in due course she accepted was hers rather than his. Both were interviewed and both made no reply.”

Michelle Stonley, representing both defendants, said of Purvis: “He’s been on a website called Wish and has purchased a number of items from that website. Out of curiosity, he bought the Taser.

“He tells me that when it arrived it was in a broken box and he’d never used that Taser. There’s no intention to use.”

Of Robertson, she said: “It was a small amount of amphetamine and a small amount of cannabis which she accepts was for her personal use. She has no previous for drugs offences on her record.”

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Magistrates gave Purvis a 12-month conditional discharge and Robertson one of six months, and both must pay £85 court costs and a £21 victim surcharge.

They also ordered the confiscation of both the Taser and the drugs.