South Shields driver told traffic cops she ‘couldn’t be bothered’ to do breath test

A woman arrested on suspicion of drink driving told a police officer she ‘couldn’t be bothered’ to give a breath sample.
South Shields Magistrates' Court. South Shields Magistrates' Court.
South Shields Magistrates' Court.

Jessica Eden was stopped by police in the early hours in the centre of South Shields.

She gave a positive sample at the roadside, but did not complete the breath test at the police station to give an official reading, a court heard.

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“A police patrol saw her Renault Twingo at about 3.45am in Mowbray Road,” prosecutor Glenda Beck told South Shields Magistrates’ Court.

“Officers had received a report of a suspected drink driver in the area.

“The car came to a natural stop at some temporary traffic lights, and police took the opportunity to speak to the driver.

“Ms Eden gave a sample at the roadside of 109 in breath, three times the legal limit.

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“Once at the police station, she failed to give the two samples required to the CAMIC machine, telling the operating officer she couldn’t be bothered.”

Eden, 19, formerly of Birdhill Place, South Shields, admitted failing to provide a specimen on March 17.

Tracey Wood, defending, said: “Ms Eden was crying and upset in the police station.

“She cannot recall telling the officer she couldn’t be bothered, although she was intoxicated.

“She did mention on the form about using an inhaler.

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“For some reason, Ms Eden was not offered the choice of giving blood or urine.

“She is not an aggressive person in any way.

“It seems to me she would have given blood or urine if asked.”

The court heard Eden has personal and financial problems.

“She has recently left her job as a carer due to ill-health,” added Ms Wood.

“Because she left the job, she understands it may take until August for benefits to be sorted.

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“She is now living in a refuge, is behind with her rent and has an overdraft of several hundred pounds..

“Ms Eden no longer has the car, she accepts there ,will be a lengthy driving ban.”

The magistrates disqualified Eden from driving for 20 months, ordered her to do 75 hours of unpaid work, and pay £185 costs.