Dad and uncles all worked at same South Shields factory

Reader Ken Russell had special reason to get in touch when we posted a 1965 photo of Peter Johnson's South Shields factory on Facebook '“ for three members of his family worked there.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 14 September, 2018, 10:14
Working at Peter Johnson & Co in November 1965.

Ken wrote: “My dad,John Russell, worked there, as did my uncles, Joe Hyde and Dick Russell” while Denise Souter said: “My dad Geordie Gibson worked there.”

Marie James asked Dorothy Faulkner “is this where Harry worked?” prompting Dorothy to reply: “Yes, 1966.”

Patrolling high-rise flats at Hebburn in February 1983.

A question posed about a second picture, also posted on social media (why were guards patrolling flats at Hebburn in 1983), however, remains unanswered.

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Nigel Banks told how he lived in Gatesgil Court, describing them as “cockroach-infected slums”.

Pat Oliver quipped: “Yes, we lived there, Northumberland Court. And yes the cockroaches were massive, but I didn’t think they grew large enough to need guards.”

Biddick Hall County Infants classroom in November 1962.
Dave Watchman of the Musicians' Union presents South Shields Amateur Operatic Society with a cheque to vice-chairman Ann McLennan in 1991.