Dad and uncles all worked at same South Shields factory

Reader Ken Russell had special reason to get in touch when we posted a 1965 photo of Peter Johnson's South Shields factory on Facebook '“ for three members of his family worked there.

Working at Peter Johnson & Co in November 1965.
Working at Peter Johnson & Co in November 1965.

Ken wrote: “My dad,John Russell, worked there, as did my uncles, Joe Hyde and Dick Russell” while Denise Souter said: “My dad Geordie Gibson worked there.”

Marie James asked Dorothy Faulkner “is this where Harry worked?” prompting Dorothy to reply: “Yes, 1966.”

Patrolling high-rise flats at Hebburn in February 1983.

A question posed about a second picture, also posted on social media (why were guards patrolling flats at Hebburn in 1983), however, remains unanswered.

Nigel Banks told how he lived in Gatesgil Court, describing them as “cockroach-infected slums”.

Pat Oliver quipped: “Yes, we lived there, Northumberland Court. And yes the cockroaches were massive, but I didn’t think they grew large enough to need guards.”

Biddick Hall County Infants classroom in November 1962.
Dave Watchman of the Musicians' Union presents South Shields Amateur Operatic Society with a cheque to vice-chairman Ann McLennan in 1991.