'˜Delusional' Steve McClaren won't surive at Newcastle without '˜tremendous' improvement

The weekend brought to us our third defeat this season to newly-promoted Watford and our ever so optimistic manager had one word to describe the performance which ended in a 2-1 defeat...tremendous.
Steve McClaren on the touchline at WatfordSteve McClaren on the touchline at Watford
Steve McClaren on the touchline at Watford

Yep, according to Steve McClaren, the team display was “tremendous” but what Steve is forgetting is that many of us actually attended the game, watched the game, and listened to the commentary on local radio – and I can guarantee that not a single fan would agree with his ridiculous comments.

In fact it has annoyed many fans, myself included.

McClaren has always came across very well in interviews and when communicating and addressing the fans but that was long before relegation became a real possibility for United.

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Now his constant optimism is making him sound rather delusional to many fans.

We all know that he can’t storm his way into press conferences and publicly tear his team a new one in front of the media but what he can do is be honest. Tell it how it is, Steve, we certainly don’t need mollycoddled.

We can all see that the team is struggling to compete in this league with the far from tremendous performances throughout the season and we all know that this club WILL tremendously get relegated to the Championship if the team repeats that display against Watford for the remainder of the season.

Tell us things need to improve, tell us that things will change, tell us that the team will be back in for training the next day grafting their backsides off; preferably on heading a ball, because we all witnessed a trio of our strikers tremendously 50 pence it into the stands.

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We all saw our key players tremendously disappear, and we all noticed our defence tremendously crumble because our average left-back was injured.

McClaren told us to judge him after 10 or 12 games, but we now have just 16 left and things don’t seem to be improving.

We have a great result against West Ham then follow it up with a pitiful one against a newly-promoted side who were on a disastrous run of form before our tremendous team arrived, but in true United fashion we go and hand them three tremendous points which opens up the gap between the two sides a little further.

I really wanted to like Steve McClaren, he seems like a decent bloke, but he won’t last much longer if things don’t improve...tremendously.

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